Sansa oval mirror and Westbury 61cm basin with chrome washstand.

Eco-friendly boojie bathrooms

Alex O'Sullivan

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a well-deserved makeover, how about going down the eco-friendly route and reducing your carbon footprint while stylishly upgrading your home? Sonas eco-friendly bathrooms are about to become your best friend.

Bathrooms use almost 50% of all water in the home, according to research by DCU Water. Water and energy are scarce resources so how can you select bathroom products that reduce consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle?

One of the quickest fixes to reduce water consumption in the bathroom is to choose Eco Taps.

The Sonas Eco Taps have been designed to help reduce water consumption without compromising performance. They have a lever that allows you to run the tap with a 50% or 100% flow rate. They also include a temperature limiter to help save on energy costs.

The Sonas Eco basin mixers include 14 contemporary taps with a choice of colours finishes to suit your style.

Thermostatic shower mixer

A thermostatic shower mixer ensures that a sudden change in water pressure, does not result in an unpleasant change in the water temperature. Thermostatic shower mixers also help to save water and energy.

The Sonas Thermostatic Shower Mixers features a special cartridge that responds to fluctuations to inlet water temperature and flow rates.

They work at a pre-set temperature and can react to a sudden change in temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Low dual-flush toilets

In general, toilet flushing accounts for about 1/3 of household water usage. Modern low-flush or dual-flush toilets use 6 litres per flush, compared to inefficient older toilets that use 12 or more litres.

Sonas low dual-flush toilets are designed to operate effectively while using less water. Some ranges such as the Inspire or Reflexions, can be adjusted by changing the cistern settings to achieve even lower water consumption of a 5/3L flush.

Energy-efficient LED bathroom mirror

Bathroom lighting is particularly important around mirrors.

Your choice of lighting can help reduce your energy consumption if you choose LED lights.

Sonas mirrors and lights use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs which are more energy-efficient, saving up to 80% energy. They are designed to last for 50,000 hours of usage. These eco-friendly mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes and will provide the perfect lighting for your bathroom rituals.

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