Jim McCoy, Co-founder, Laurita Jasienskyte, Home Energy Adviser and Mike Cody, Co-founder and Managing Director of e-volv at the company's headquarters in Cork. Photo: Alison Miles/OSM PHOTO

50 jobs to be created over 2 years

A Cork company established early this year has announced the creation of 50 jobs this morning, Tuesday.

Home energy firm e-volv said it will create the jobs over the coming 2 years as it significantly ramps up plans to expand its business.

The company, which is based in Douglas was established by Mike Cody and Jim McCoy. The company said it has set a goal of helping customers save up to 60% on their home energy costs.

e-volv said its team is aiming to help homeowners and businesses to improve their home energy solutions providing advice on solar panels, insulation, heating and home security. The advice is based on the customer’s needs and their budget and the work is installed by registered and approved professionals.

Company CEO and co-founder, Mike Cody said: “Homes and businesses now have more options over how they heat their property, how they retain the heat in the building through greater efficiency, and how they control it with greater ease. People however are looking at ways to do things better and how they can reduce costs and that is where we can help.”

Company co-founder, Jim McCoy said: “We are very excited about launching e-volv into the market. Now more than ever, consumers and businesses need help with finding solutions to cutting their energy costs and e-volv can help them do that.

“We have very exciting plans to grow the business over the coming years and add jobs in Cork and Dublin.”

e-volv will shortly start a recruitment drive for staff who will be trained in-house.

e-volv will also launching its own dedicated switcher service in the coming weeks.