Martin Davoren, Sexual Health Centre, Cork; Ann Doherty, Chief Executive, Cork City Council; Denise Cahill, Cork Healthy Cities Coordinator; Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, Cork City Council; Adrienne Rodgers, Director of Services, Community, Culture & Placemaking, Cork City Council; Katherine Harford, Programme Manager, Let’s Grow Together in Copenhagen for the Annual Business Meeting and Conference of Heathy Cities in Europe.

Cork leads fresh vision for EU health

Representatives from Cork city travelled to Copenhagen recently for the Annual Business Meeting and Conference of Heathy Cities in Europe.

Designated as a WHO Healthy City since 2012, Cork representatives presented 7 papers at the conference outlining good practice actions being undertaken across the city.

Cork has established key roles within the WHO Healthy City network including the appointment of Cllr Tony Fitzgerald to the Political Vision Group. At the conference Cllr Fitzgerald was invited to present and steer a new political statement for the future direction of Healthy Cities in Europe on behalf of the European Political Group of Healthy Cities.

The One Health approach which he presented addressed health threats in the animal, human and environment interface.

Cllr Fitzgerald said: “Adapting to climate change needs a focus on local context and local consultation with an open mind for the overall good. Cork Healthy Cities is recognised as an excellent model of best practice ensuring urban health is strategically placed across all our strategic policy committees at Cork City Council.”

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council, added: “I was very pleased to present the inter-agency community response we developed in Cork city during the Covid restriction to our colleagues in Europe.

“There was great interest from our European colleagues here in Copenhagen regarding our work and great capacity for partnership among the voluntary and statutory agencies focusing on people’s needs.”