It’s a lush new range

Upped the exercise ante this month? It’s time to relax.

The fresh, handmade cosmetics company Lush has announced the launch of its new magnesium range. 3 new magnesium massage bars and 2 Epsom salt cubes have been launched having been invented by Lush co-founder and marathon runner, Helen Ambrosen, and sports masseuse for over 25 years, Nikki Camm.

Helen Ambrosen, Lushco-founder, marathon runner and co-inventor of the magnesium range, said: “Movement is a vital part of our lives, and one we often take for granted. If you’re lucky enough to have the ability to move, you must look after yourself and protect this ability as life goes on.

“Keeping your bones strong and taking care of the muscles and ligaments that overlay them helps keep our bodies resilient as we train and as we age. We all know good posture and flexibility are super important, but these factors often fall to the bottom of the list.

“Massage is a really effective way of maintaining your strength and movement, and magnesium helps to aid this process.

“At Lush, we believe in the power of touch to help us feel connected, not only with ourselves but also with each other. Whenever I use massage for myself or I am fortunate to have a spa treatment, I’m always reminded of how effective, lovely and luxurious it is – but also how much it’s helping my body and mind.”