Amy Jane Keating has just launched her new podcast ‘Go Do You’.

New podcast to inspire Leeside

A new podcast in which inspirational leaders in their field are interviewed about their journey to success has been launched in Cork.

Each episode of Cork native Amy Jane Keating’s podcast ‘Go Do You’ will feature someone who has earned their stripes in life and has a fascinating story to tell. Amy Jane, who has over 10 years’ experience as a commercial real estate manager, is returning to her career following a 6 year hiatus during which she became mum to son Bobby and daughter Jeanie. She has worked in international presenter roles across TV, events and digital.

“It's absolutely fantastic to be doing something that feeds my soul, because that's what we're here for isn't it? I spent a lot of months just working away quietly at it because what I didn't want to happen was for me to say, 'Oh look, I'm doing this and there's going to be an episode out every Monday', and then there's a delay or there's a hiccup with a guest and you're 2 or 3 weeks waiting and then people lose interest and it falls away,” Amy Jane told the Cork Independent.

Her new podcast series has some heavy hitters lined up including entrepreneur Ernest Cantillon, brand strategist Peigín Crowley, partner of RDJ Solicitors and former president of Cork Chamber Gillian Keating, and fitness coach and personal trainer Lesley Giltinan.

The introductory episode in the series came out on Monday and now Amy Jane is preparing to drop her second episode this coming Monday featuring Ernest Cantillon. Going forward, the podcast will release a new episode every Monday morning.

In episode 2, Ernest has a few stories to share with Amy Jane, one of which includes the time he borrowed €1.5 million from the bank at the age of 22 to follow his dreams of owning his own bar.

Amy Jane said the idea for the podcast grew from her unwavering self-belief and intense passion for the subject of following one’s dreams.

She said: “For the past 6 years I've just kind of been mum, mum, mum, and I really enjoy that role and they bring me all the joy in the world, but I've always wanted to be a TV presenter and that hunger was slipping away.”

Next in the hot seat will be the up-and-coming legend that is Peigín Crowley of Ground Wellbeing in an emotionally charged interview which had both interviewer and interviewee close to tears.

Gillian Keating, Amy Jane’s sister, makes for a fascinating interviewee in episode 4. As well as being the first female president of Cork Chamber, Gillian is the co-founder of the highly successful and award winning I WISH (Inspiring Women in Stem) social enterprise. She is currently getting ready for I Wish 2023 which kicks off on 28 February in the RDS, Dublin.

Episode 5 will feature an interview with Lesley Giltinan, aka Lean with Lesley. Lesley has built a community of woman who share her passion for strength and fitness.

More guests will be announced by Amy Jane in the coming weeks. Follow the Amy Jane on Instagram @amyjanesdomain.

‘Go Do You’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Sound Cloud and any other major podcast platform.