Lynda Di Blasi.

Refresh your look

We could all do with jazzing up our wardrobe, especially as we may have gotten a bit too used to being at home and dressing comfortably!

Lynda Di Blasi is a qualified personal stylist and she sees change in the air.

“With changes to our lifestyles, work environments, socialising again, I am excited to say there is a positive appetite to elevate our attitude towards dressing with our personal and professional outfits.”

Lynda works with a variety of male and female clients.

“My clients experience an upgrade of not just their wardrobes but also how they feel. I encourage my clients to truly see and dress for themselves.

“I can honestly say my sessions are uplifting, honest and empowering. I offer personal shopping sessions where I have pre prepared outfits to suit their style personality and are budget friendly,” the personal stylist explained.

“My job is to make them look the best they possibly can. I love seeing their confidence grow in front of me, that sparkle returns to their eyes. Through colour analysis sessions, my clients result in looking younger, fresh and now have the knowledge of their personal colour palette.”

Services are all non-judgemental and confidential. Contact Lynday at 086-2599539, or see