Cork’s David Finn having won the Halo World Championship in Charlotte, USA.

Halo from the USA

A young Cork man has taken the top prize on the global stage in the Halo World Championships free-for-all category.

Halo is a popular sci-fi first-person shooter videogame franchise originally developed by Bungie and currently managed and developed by 343 Industries, part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios.

Cork man David Finn, 20, fought off the world’s best professional at this year’s tournament which took place in Charlotte, USA, beating 3 American contestants in the final round.

David, know by his gamertag as GloryGGz, dominated competition from the USA, Canada and Mexico on his route to glory, coming out on top of a starting group of 16 players. His victory saw him take home the top prize of $2,000.

The first in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, was released in November 2001, with a long list of sequels and spin-off titles released in the following years. It is one of the highest-selling game franchises of all time.