Domestic abuse numbers have risen across Cork city and county compared to this time last year.

Domestic abuse reports increase on Leeside

Crime numbers in Cork have remained relatively stable so far this year compared to early 2022, however, gardaí say they are “concerned” by an increase in domestic abuse reports.

Gardaí recorded a 9% increase in reported instances of domestic abuse in Cork city in January and February this year compared to the same period of 2022.

Meanwhile, the Cork North division recorded a 4% increase, while Cork West showed a 3% increase so far in 2023.

Speaking at Monday’s Cork County Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting, Chief Superintendent Vincent O’Sullivan said domestic violence and abuse is always an area of concern for the gardaí. “Not only is it remaining steady, it's rising. We appeal to any vulnerable person to make contact with us,” he said.

Another area for concern was a sharp rise in theft from a shop across all 3 divisions, with Cork city jumping from 186 to 332 in 2023 compared to January and February 2022. Cork North went from 47 to 93 and Cork West went from 16 to 25. Chief Superintendent O’Sullivan put this almost doubling of figures across the board down to the fact that many shops were still closed at this time last year.

“The reason for the higher figures is that when compared to this time last year, many shops weren't open so there wasn't as much access. All the shops are back open again so we are heading back to pre-Covid-19 levels,” he said.