Signing the twinning agreement were Jim Kelly, Chair of the Carrigaline Twinning Association; Cllr Ben Dalton O’Sullivan, Chair of Carrigaline Municipal District and Councilwoman Dr Patricia Woodbury of Newport News, Virginia, USA with Michael Wall, Chair of Carrigaline Community Association; Valerie O’Sullivan, Divisional Manager, Cork County Council and Frederick Kohlman, Newport News. Photos: Brian Lougheed

Carrigaline welcomes Newport News

A newly announced twinning agreement is set to formalise a strong bond of building bridges of understanding and fostering mutual development.

Carrigaline Municipal District and the City of Newport News in Virginia have signed a twinning agreement at Carrigaline Court Hotel. The signing ceremony was attended by 12 delegates from Newport News including Councilwoman Dr Patricia P Woodbury and President Frederick J Kohlman, Jr of Sister Cities of Newport News Inc.

The agreement was signed by Valerie O’Sullivan, Divisional Manager, Cork County Council, Cllr Ben Dalton O’Sullivan, Chair of Carrigaline Municipal District, Jim Kelly, Carrigaline Twinning Association and Michael Wall, Carrigaline Community Association. It will be countersigned in Newport News in June.

There are strong historical links between Newport News and Carrigaline as Newport News was established by settler Daniel Gookin of Carrigaline following his arrival on the shores of the James River in 1621. Today, Newport News is a city with a population of more than 186,000 located in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

"We are delighted to extend the hand of friendship to our visitors from Newport News. The signing of the twinning agreement between Newport News and Carrigaline MD is an exciting development that will strengthen our ties of heritage, commerce and friendship," said Cllr Ben Dalton O'Sullivan.

During their stay, the US delegates visited a number of sights in Carrigaline and the surrounding area. Highlights included participating in the St Patrick’s Day Festival in Carrigaline on 17 March and in the Crosshaven St Patrick’s Day Festival which took place on the following day.

On Saturday 18 May the delegation joined Carrigaline Tidy Towns Committee for an oak tree planting ceremony, followed by a tour of the Carrigaline Mens Shed. Concluding the visit, the Newport News delegates attended a reception at Carrigaline Court Hotel on the evening of 19 March for the official signing of the twinning agreement.

Divisional Manager of Cork County Council, Valerie O’Sullivan, said: "This is a great opportunity for both regions to learn from each other and grow together.

“We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between Carrigaline MD and Newport News in the years ahead.”