Four Cork organisations are teaming up to celebrate local creativity.

Organisers put their own stamp on festival

Several Cork art, design and craft organisations have come together to celebrate and support local creativity.

Benchspace, Cork Craft and Design, Sample-Studios and Shandon Art Studios are teaming up to organise STAMP Festival, a jam-packed weekend programme of more than 50 art, design and craft events, exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, screenings, and markets, all in one extraordinary venue - the former Beamish and Crawford Counting House site

Organisers of the STAMP Festival say it will offer a glimpse inside this unique building to enjoy event highlights such as a market in the Counting House plaza, craft and design demos, artist-led workshops and a group exhibition showcasing the works of local artists, designers and craftspeople, all taking place inside the former brewery restored by BAM.

Visitors are invited to try hands-on workshops including screen printing, basket weaving, pottery wheel throwing, and frame making and also to view jewellery making, woodturning and oil painting up close in a series of live demos.

Those behind STAMP are inviting people of all ages to come, explore their own creativity and gain a new insight into Cork’s cultural vibrancy.

STAMP has been made possible by the support of Cork City Council, BAM, the Arts Council of Ireland and the Creative Ireland programme administered by the Cork City Arts Office.

Seamus Coghlan, Cork City Council Head of Economic Development, said: “We're delighted to see STAMP running for a second year, showcasing the contribution that creative organisations make to the city's economy and cultural infrastructure.” He continued: “From its inception, the STAMP project has been about celebrating cultural & creative industries, facilitating collaboration between Cork's creative organisations and supporting them to unlock their collective economic power.

“We look forward to another opportunity to highlight the positive contributions that artists and craftspeople make to their local community, and showcase Cork as the attractive, creative and cultural tourist destination we know it to be,” Seamus concluded.

Alasdair Henderson, Executive Director, BAM Ireland, said: “Our team is thrilled to finally share this fantastic building with the people of Cork, as the venue for STAMP Festival 2023.

“This cultural festival celebrates the talented artists and craftspeople in such a fitting setting - a rejuvenated landmark building in a historic location which preserves a piece of Cork’s heritage and artistry for generations,” Alasdair concluded.