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Making springs easier

Spring cleaning can be a daunting notion for many of us, and a new survey has helped to shed some light on how Irish people really feel about the annual deep clean.

The survey, undertaken by cleaning technology company Kärcher, asked 1,000 Irish adults about their attitudes towards spring cleaning, revealing some truly fascinating insights.

First off, almost two thirds of adults (64%) give their homes and garden a good spring cleaning each year according to the research. The majority of these (68%) said they primarily spring clean to have a cleaner home and garden in order to enjoy their time spent in. However, many also see the mental and physical health benefits, with 52% thinking it's good for their and their family's mental health, and 45% also citing benefits for physical health. Additionally, 47% do it to feel a sense of accomplishment from tackling those bigger cleaning tasks.

Despite the obvious benefits of spring cleaning, not all tasks are created equal with over two thirds (67%) admitting they hate cleaning gutters, 45% don’t enjoy washing windows, and 44% understandably dislike cleaning bins. Furthermore, 33% of respondents cited a lack of the correct equipment as the biggest barrier to cleaning the outside of their homes, 33% cited safety concerns, and 32% simply find outdoor cleaning too physically demanding.

When it comes to equipment, Kärcher believes that with the right tools, challenging and unpleasant tasks can become much easier and more satisfying to accomplish.

Lee Hulsman, Head of Retail at Kärcher Ireland said: "We want to make it easier for people to achieve a clean and tidy home and garden, as spring turns to summer with family gatherings and BBQ’s starting to materialise. Kärcher's research sheds light on the importance of having the right tools to make spring cleaning accessible and more enjoyable.”

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Dave Moore, DIY enthusiast and Kärcher fan, said: “As someone who loves spending time in the garden, I know that getting it ready to be a place my family and I can enjoy can be a daunting task. But this year it’s become much easier simply by using the right tools. I thought my Kärcher pressure washer had its work cut out, but it quickly and easily tackled all the big jobs I threw at it and made a huge difference.”