Croatian circus artist, Lidija Šola will perform ‘(Un) Holy Blood’ at St Lukes this Saturday. Photo: David Hegarty

An (un) holy show

“An armless saint. A feminist church. A power-hungry priestess. Lasanta is attempting something no one has done before - summon Saint Lirio back to earth, but the broken souls of the oppressed have other ideas.”

This Saturday evening, a show like no other will have its world premiere here in Cork.

(Un) Holy Blood, a hair-raising, transdisciplinary performance which pushes the boundaries of circus will reveal itself to the world at St Luke’s in Cork city.

A subversive blend of contemporary circus, theatre, dance, and visual art, the show explores the many pitfalls of organised religion while challenging the ways in which we engage in feminism today.

In an unlikely collaboration between Croatian circus artist Lidija Šola, and Kerry writer Sadhbh Moriarty, the pair join forces to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of circus performance, merging breath-taking physical feats with an exhilarating plot.

The show sees Šola perform heart-stopping free falls from dizzying heights while unabashedly tackles feminist issues. With immersive soundscapes and projections throughout, St Luke's is set to transform into the Central Cathedral of (Un)Holy Blood - the stronghold of the one true feminist church - for a multimedia experience unlike anything Cork’s ever seen before.

Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1989 surrealist thriller, ‘Santa Sangre’, this one-of-a-kind spectacle is not for the faint-hearted. A genre-defying performance that will leave the audience breathless, (Un)Holy Blood is a testament to the power of the arts to challenge our beliefs and spark important conversations about social issues.

"We are beyond excited to bring (Un)Holy Blood to St Luke's and showcase our unique vision of a feminist circus performance,” said Šola and Moriarty.

“Our hope is that audiences will be challenged and motivated by our subversive take on organised religion and the recurring oppressions women face.”

(Un) Holy Blood was a recipient of the Arts Council Ireland Circus Project Award and Cork City Council Project Scheme and boasts a team of award-winning Cork talent. Described as the most captivating sermon you'll ever witness, this is not a mass you'll want to miss.

The public is advised to book tickets now. Tickets are available at Doors for the show at St Luke’s this Saturday open at 8.30pm.