Aida Sarr and the women she works alongside who are on the front line of climate change in the island of Maya in Senegal. Photo: Ina Makosi

Celebrate global trailblazers

By Marguerite Kiely

A photography exhibition honouring female trailblazers and showcasing the talent of women photographers worldwide is coming to Cork.

ActionAid Ireland will bring its Women by Women exhibition to Cork City Library on 8 June at 1pm and it will be on exhibit at the library for the following month.

The exhibition captures women at the forefront of the climate change battle, and features stories and activism from all corners of the globe.

These include a local women's oyster farm in Senegal, a volunteer firefighter in Bangladesh, and a young Palestinian woman selling desserts in the West Bank.

All images were captured by talented female photographers from the local area.

Speaking about the exhibition, Karol Balfe, CEO of ActionAid Ireland, said: "We aim to provide an anti-racist, feminist perspective on the representation of women and girls living in poverty.

“Whenever possible, we are amplifying the storytelling power of talented women photographers born and working in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

“Our goal is to move away from the traditional charity imagery that depicts people as objects of pity, helpless, desperate, and lacking dignity.”

Karol added: "We are delighted to bring the Women by Women exhibition to Cork as part of this commitment. ActionAid has been in Ireland for 40 years, and there are people in Cork who have supported our work throughout that time. We are excited to meet some of these supporters and showcase the impact of their invaluable assistance.”