Telus has a base in Mahon.

Job losses at Telus

By Marguerite Kiely

A company with a base in Mahon has said it can’t reveal specific details about job losses because of non-disclosure agreements.

News emerged this week of job losses at Canadian firm Telus International with the company describing it as regrettable.

In a statement to the Cork Independent, a spokesperson for Telus confirmed the layoffs.

“We have informed a group of Telus International Ireland team members that their employment will cease. We are in consultation with the team members affected. We are unable to provide any specific details due to standard NDAs with all of our clients.”

The statement added: “Telus International is working to find assignments within other teams for affected team members and in instances where redeployment is not feasible or where team members have made the decision to seek employment elsewhere, we are supporting them with access to career planning services as well as dedicated wellness support.”

Telus, whose Irish headquarters is based in Mahon, did not disclose how exactly how many jobs will be lost.

The company currently employs more than 2,000 people in Cork and Dublin.