Leesiders have taken to the internet to declare which stout stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Creamy Beamy still Leeside’s favourite stout

Cork loves a pint of plain and a recent online poll has showed that locally made stout is still the cream of the crop for Leesiders. It’s right there in black and white.

Close to 500 Corkonians took part in the poll which was posted on the popular r/Cork Reddit page earlier this week. As the results settled, it became clear that Beamish is still the firm favourite with 212 votes by time of print.

In second place was Murphy’s with 139 votes, another stout made here on Leeside. Both Beamish and Murphy’s are now produced in the Heineken Brewery on the North Ring Road.

In third place was Dublin-made Guinness with 88 votes.

In fourth place with 12 votes was the recently launched Island’s Edge, another Heineken product, which promises a slightly less bitter taste compared to other established stouts.

Carlow made O’Hara’s Irish Stout came fifth with 4 votes. In the comments section, one Leeside Redditor wrote: “Has to be a creamy beam!”

Another wrote: “Beamish and Murphy’s are the only two valid answers. Everything else is lies.”

The Reddit user who posted the poll, u/Different-Dot-8117, wrote: “I'm in Cork for a decade now, and my first stout pretty much as I landed was a Murphy's, never looked back, my first Cork true love.

“Murphy's is very sentimental to me as it reminds me of my first steps in Ireland/Cork a decade ago as a young man, I can't have a sip without having flashbacks of joy.”