A GoFundMe page has raised over €24k for the treatment of a seven year old from Carrigtwohill.

€24k raised for boy with brain tumour

After a diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour earlier this summer, A GoFundMe page has raised over €24,000 for the treatment of a seven-year-old boy from Carrigtwohill.

Wiktor Damrych has been described as “a bundle of energy and happiness” and a boy who “loves taekwondo, playing football and dancing”. On 7 June, Wiktor and his parents received the devastating news that he had a malignant brain tumour. The growth is situated on his brainstem, which means that doctors are unable to perform surgery to remove it. The diagnosis has had a profound impact on the family, completely upending their lives. Since receiving this heart-wrenching news, Wiktor, along with his parents Magda and Olek, have spent long periods of time in a hospital in Dublin.

Wiktor began radiotherapy treatment during the summer in the hopes of shrinking the tumour and the family remains optimistic about the potential positive response to the therapy. However, according to the GoFundMe Page, they also acknowledge the need to ready themselves for the prospect that radiotherapy may not be successful, in which case Wiktor may have to explore alternative treatment options, either at home or abroad. The fundraiser was set up by Magdalena Nawrot, a photographer based in Cork. Posting to the GoFundMe page, she said: “We know how difficult it is for people to donate to a cause like this when so many of us are under our own financial strains but we hope you will agree that this is a particularly heartbreaking situation that Wiktor and his family find themselves in. “We want to help so that Madga and Olek can completely focus on helping Wiktor after his radiotherapy and prepare for the very difficult months ahead.

“We would be so very grateful for any donations you can afford to give us that will help give Wiktor a fighting chance and allow the family to spend all their time together during this extremely challenging period.”