Belgian visual artist Els Dietvorst. Photo: Claudio Nego

Adrift in West Cork

The work of a Belgian visual artist is coming to West Cork next month.

Els Dietvorst’s Adrift’ exhibition, which highlights the desire to connect and develop collaborative relationships, will be shown at Uillinn - West Cork Arts Centre from 16 March before it heads to Wexford later in the year.

The tour, curated by Catherine Bowe and Karla Sánchez Zepeda, will present an overview of Els Dietvorst’s work which is diverse and comprises of drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, films and documentaries, performative actions, and one act plays.

The West Cork exhibition will include drawings, sculptures, installations and films from Dietvorst’s extensive works that both artist and curators Catherine Bowe and Karla Sánchez selected specifically in response to the space.

In this iteration of ‘Adrift’, at Uillinn - West Cork Arts Centre, Dietvorst continues to explore and reflect through her work on the limits of human existence - how we relate to nature and how we relate to one another, as the quality of these relationships will determine the kind of possibilities we can create for our future.

Els Dietvorst said: “For me, creation is a collective process, inclusive and permeable to the world, to the living and the dead, to small neglected objects as well as to each other’s ideas.”

The title ‘Adrift’ is a metaphor for how the artist sees the contemporary world as being not anchored but floating freely without a sense of purpose or direction.