Dr Jennifer Owens.

Seminar to highlight the risks of aesthetic treatments

There can always be challenges and complications associated with non-surgical aesthetic treatments and an educational event this weekend aims at healthcare professionals aims to hightlight this.

Dr Jennifer Owens, owner of The Glow Clinic - which has a branch in Cork - and Dr Sean Fitzpatrick, owner of Natural Look Clinic, will lead the seminar, sharing their expertise in managing complications arising from procedures such as botulinum toxin A, dermal fillers, energy-based devices, and threads.

With the growing popularity of non-surgical aesthetic treatments across Ireland, there has been an alarming rise in complications, particularly from unqualified practitioners administering procedures without adequate training.

The event will highlight the importance of proper training for healthcare professionals to address complications that may arise in general and emergency practice.

Medical practitioners undergo extensive training, continually advancing their knowledge to ensure patient safety. However, the surge in non-qualified individuals providing aesthetic treatments, especially filler, has led to an increase in injuries, ranging from serious infections to permanent scarring, drooping facial features, burst blood vessels, and muscle paralysis.

Dr Owens and Dr Fitzpatrick emphasise the critical need for healthcare professionals, especially those in the HSE and general practice, to receive comprehensive training on managing complications from non-surgical aesthetic treatments. As non-qualified practitioners lack the authority to administer prescription-only medications, complications often require intervention from qualified medical professionals, such as GPs or emergency hospital services.

Complications reported by individuals who have received aesthetic treatments from non-qualified practitioners include skin necrosis, a severe condition that involves the death of skin tissue. Addressing such complications may necessitate surgical intervention or a skin graft to correct the damage.

The seminar is scheduled to take place at the Herbert Hotel in Dublin on Saturday 24 February from 9am to 3pm. Dr Owens and Dr Fitzpatrick invite all healthcare professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in managing complications from non-surgical aesthetic treatments to attend this informative event.