Jewellery from Neville Jewellers.

Shine bright like a diamond

Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride outfits are all massive parts of the big day but one thing that sometimes gets overlooked, and which I think is massively important to pull the whole look together, is your wedding jewellery.

Some people would say less is more, but I don’t believe in fashion rules so while a pared back bride will look amazing with very simple jewellery, if you’re someone who likes to layer and usually rocks some statement pieces, then why not let your jewels share in the glory?

There are some things I think work better such as if your neckline is ornate, then maybe wear some drop earrings instead of a necklace and if you are having trouble deciding on jewellery then sometimes matching your necklace to your neckline can be helpful.

While some people wear a simple dress and little to no jewellery, I also think wearing one statement piece can be super chic. Also, I am very much here for adding a little bit of colour with the jewellery.

A white sheath dress looks divine with a turquoise and gold drop earring for example. Wedding jewellery or should I say jewellery in general can be quite expensive so treat it as an investment and buy pieces that you know you will wear forever and that can be easily added into your wardrobe.

However, there is no rule to say you must buy expensive jewellery for your big day. I have seen gorgeous pieces at a very reasonable price point in places like Something Blue Studio, based in Wexford but with an online store.

If stunning, boho pieces are what you love then you must check out the pieces here. Something we also can forget about is a handbag for the bride and Something Blue Studio has the most beautiful selection that you’ll have as a keepsake forever. I was a bridesmaid before and we gifted the bride her bag and got her wedding date stitched on the inside. She still uses the bag to this day.

Equally Azure boutique in Cork city has some show stopping pieces that are very affordable. They also do spectacular brooches that would look perfect on a coat or jacket for mothers of the bride or groom and would be a lovely gift.

I know some people do a wedding dress outfit change, but I have never really been a fan of this. You’ve spent a lot of money on The Dress so you can be damn sure I would be getting the whole day and night out of it but each to their own.

Also does anyone else remember relatives getting married in the ‘80s and the bride changing into her going away outfit and running under the arch of people only to reappear 10 minutes later for the party. Good times! I can appreciate wanting to give a little freshen up to the dress once the party starts and this can be easily done with some simple jewellery styling.

Kate from Neville Jewellers has this advice for your big day: “Embrace sparkle for a timelessly elegant appeal. Consider switching up your jewellery from day to evening for added versatility. While simple diamond studs are ideal for the ceremony and photographs, as the sun starts to set, the allure of drop diamond earrings or a stunning necklace or bracelet becomes irresistible. Transitioning your look from day to night has never been simpler.”

Whatever you decide to do with your wedding jewels just stay true to your own personal style and you will shine…bright like a diamond of course.