Cork contestants Oliver Witkowski and Nicola Zdrzalik in action.

Putting Cork on the boogie woogie map!

A global competitive dancing event will be twirling and spinning its way into Cork this weekend.

Coming to the MTU Arena in Bishopstown this Saturday and Sunday, the Acrobatic Rock’n’roll and Boogie Woogie World Cup will see over 1,000 dancers and officials descend on Leeside.

Hosted by the Acrobatic Rock’n’roll Irish Association (ARIA), the tournament will see dancers representing 17 nations go head-to-head for the coveted prize.

It is the first time the prestigious competition will be held in Ireland.

Representing Cork will be 18 athletes from ARIA who have qualified for the event.

Acrobatic rock’n’roll is a mix of fast-moving, dynamic dance with acrobatic elements performed to rock’n’roll music. A very popular sport in Europe, it blends athleticism and artistry to deliver high-energy routines filled with spins, flips, and synchronized moves. The second element of the sport, boogie woogie, is an improvised partner dance that was developed from lindy hop and swing.

The first day of the competition, 18 May, will see children, juveniles, and juniors compete. Then on 19 May, the Rock’n’roll Main Class and Boogie Woogie Main Class and seniors will take to the dance floor. The grand finals on both days will take place at 5pm.

ARIA was established in 2020 as a non-profit organisation with a goal to develop acrobatic rock-n-roll in Ireland. ARIA is an official World Rock’n’roll Confederation (WRRC) member.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “For ARIA to be the organiser hosting this event for the first time in Ireland is of immense importance. It puts Ireland on the global map for the sport but also offers an opportunity to showcase the country's culture, hospitality, and organisational capabilities.

“The event fosters community pride, stimulates the economy, and leaves a lasting legacy of inspiration for future athletes in the sport,” they added.

The WRRC is currently working to make acrobatic rock’n’roll and boogie woogie a future Olympic event.