An event hosted by Jahova’s Witnesses is coming to Cork this weekend.

Event to bring good news

A three-day live event hosted by Jehovah’s Witnesses will take place in Cork city for the first time this weekend.

The annual Declare the Good News convention is free to the public and will be held at Silversprings Hotel from 12-14 July.

Unlike previous years where one national convention was held in Dublin, this year, Jehovah’s Witnesses are bringing their convention to multiple regions in Ireland including Cork.

The main goal of the event is to deliver a motivational program to comfort and encourage the community, presenting Bible-based videos, discourses, and interviews on a number of topics. “We are excited to be bringing our annual convention to a number of regions in Ireland this year,” said David Dunlea, national spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“These conventions are a highlight of the year for thousands of people who need to experience some positivity in their lives, and we are happy to enjoy the programme this year in a number of venues across Ireland.”

A highlight of Saturday’s programme is the baptism of candidates from surrounding communities.

Prior to each convention, local congregations will engage in a campaign to invite community members to the event.

Last year, nearly 13 million people attended more than 6,000 three-day conventions worldwide.

Convention times are: Friday from 9.20am-4.55pm; Saturday from 9.20am-4.30pm; and Sunday from 9.40am-3.40pm.