Leggings, €35

A little bit of glam goes a long way

Well I’m now into week two of being at home and it certainly hasn’t gotten any less strange. Like everyone else, I’m trying to make the best of a new situation and attempting to put some routines in place to try and maintain some form of normality to my day.

The first week I basically lived in pyjamas and wandered around the house aimlessly but this week I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m going to make an effort to get dressed.

Now, you would think I might be able to have a little lie in for myself seeming as I have nowhere to go and no pressing engagements but alas no.

At 7.30am each morning I am woken up by heavy machinery starting roadworks right outside my door. This continues all through the day with intense drilling and general working noise so I’ve got a wonderful soundtrack to keep me going 'til they leave in the evening. I then try and get a workout done and bring Blanche for a quick walk (while obviously practicing social distancing) so that by nine I’m showered and ready to rock.

This time frame works to various levels of success as more often than not I end up sitting on my bed staring into space for a good half hour after my shower is done. I defy anyone to bathe and not spend at least five minutes sitting in your robe pondering life.

The odd day I actually make a bit of an effort and pop on a pair of jeans and a knit because, as anyone who works from home knows, it gets damn chilly sitting in your home for extended periods of time regardless of heating. I did wear a dress one of the days but I only lasted maybe an hour before I changed into some leisure wear. I also haven’t worn makeup the whole time I’ve been off and I can’t imagine a time when I ever will again. I’m literally saving a fortune on cosmetics but also I am unfortunately running out of every skincare product and haircare at the same time. Why does this always happen?

Anyway I’ve pretty much settled into a new kind of at home uniform and that is leisurewear.

Now up until about a year ago I hadn’t owned a tracksuit since my PE days in secondary school which wasn’t today or yesterday but I had begun to pick up few pieces here and there so I’m able to rotate a few pieces.

There are such nice bits around that I still feel like I’ve made a bit of an effort while being cosy.

That’s the beauty of leisurewear. Some of my favourite piece are from River Island which feature pops of colour as well as cute little ruffles to really jazz up your trackies. I’m also partial to mixing a sweatshirt or hoodie with a pair of leggings and I’m living in a leopard print pair that I picked up in the sale in H&M.

I’m currently looking at a few new pieces online because I get the feeling I might be at home for a little while longer yet. What’s been your at home uniform these last few weeks?