Any sign of summer?

I’m not going to lie, I have found this week particularly challenging.

Even though we sort of have a timeline now of when restrictions will be eased, I now find the prospect of getting back to reality kind of daunting even though I’m dying to get out of the house and go somewhere.

It’s all just so bizarre. I’m also finding the simple task of dressing myself is becoming ever more difficult in part because, while I’m sick of leisurewear, joggers and leggings and am mad to replace these with easy summer dresses, the weather just doesn’t seem to want to co-operate with this plan.

I’ve tried to wear dresses a couple of days but I find I’m always bitterly cold by lunch time and end up back in the warm embrace of my cosy hoodies. It’s May I tell myself - the start of the summer, so of course it’s perfectly acceptable to be wearing a flimsy dress and sandals as I glance out at the rain lashing at my window and watch people fighting with umbrellas as they walk past the house. I’m really just willing it to be sunny through the sheer power of my mind. So far this has proved unsuccessful but I’m ever the eternal optimist.

While the weather might be dull and dreary, I’ve now come to realise that now more than ever it’s important to stick to your morning ritual of getting up and getting dressed, ready to face the world as if you were off out to work or off to meet a friend for coffee. It’s like clothes therapy and I must say it definitely has worked for me on the days when I made a bit of an effort.

While jeans are an easy thing to just throw on, I find that they are not the most comfortable so inevitably I’m mad to take them off and get into the comfy clothes. However with a floaty dress or skirt, with minimal effort you can look stylish and yet feel as comfortable as if you were in leggings and a sweatshirt. If you’re not a dress person, I strongly advocate for jumpsuits.

I recently bought a leopard print wide leg jumpsuit from Monki and it has light fabric and a relaxed fit makes it easy to wear and effortlessly stylish. Monki is great for out there prints but also does more neutral block colour versions and has that Scandinavian look but for a fraction of say the COS price point.

I’ve also found it’s a great idea to try and make one night of the weekend into a treat night where you can get dressed up, eat nice food and pretend you’re on a night out. We’ve ordered really nice grazing boxes the last few Friday nights and I’ve even gone as far as to sit outside where possible or just sit in a different room to where we usually eat to make it feel like we are not at home.

It’s not rocket science but putting some time into setting the table nicely also works wonders and it’s a good excuse to get dressed up. Sure, you might feel slightly crazy sitting in the living room wearing your best glad rags but it’s good craic and it’s the best we can do till we are allowed back out to our favourite eateries. Now if only I could teach Blanche my Pomeranian some basic waiters skills and how to do the washing up!

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