To celebrate the end of the school year and the granting of the co-educational status, the school organised school trips and events like learning new fitness skills from a personal trainer.

New era dawns at North Presentation

History is in the making at a Cork city school as for the first time the boys won’t have to leave after first class.

The granting of a co-educational status at North Presentation Primary School means families will no longer have to select a new school for their son after first class and ensures siblings can continue their education together.

Principal Nickie Egan said: “Our first class boys of this year will continue into second class and make history as the first boys ever to do so. We are so proud!”

Meanwhile, Tuesday also marked the end of an era for the sixth class girls as they graduated from the school on Gerald Griffin Street.

Founded by the Presentation Order, the school upholds the ethos of Nano Nagle while embracing new cultures represented by pupils of over 40 different ethnicities.

The principal added: “North Presentation is a buzzing school oasis, based only minutes’ walk from the city centre, in the shadow of the North Cathedral and St Anne’s Church, Shandon.”

To celebrate the end of the school year and the granting of the co-educational status, there have been many trips and events organised by the school.

She added: “We were especially anxious this year to end on a high note. Our pupils have been simply outstanding this year. They have taken lockdown, Covid-19 safety measures, social distancing and isolation in their stride so bravely. We applaud their good humour and resilience and wanted to treat them before the holidays.”

Some classes went orienteering in Fitzgerald’s Park while others enjoyed a walk in St Anne’s Park and a pizza party to follow. Other classes enjoyed learning new fitness skills from a personal trainer while some went on a walking tour of Cork city, followed by afternoon tea. She said: “Our infant classes enjoyed Shandon Park and a teddy bear’s picnic. We even had a wonderful group of Romani children, calling themselves the 'Romani Crew', work through the Star project with GMC Beats, Music Generation and Stevie G to compose and perform their own rap song.”

The Principal concluded: “At the end of a very difficult year for pupils, and their families, it was fantastic to be able to provide the children with well deserved treats. We are hopeful for better days to come for all but know now that no matter what life throws at us here in North Pres. we can take it in our stride with resilience, love and laughter.”