White Rabbit’s tasty BBQ sauce range.

White Rabbit loves the sun!

It’s summer and it’s a great time for a barbecue. One man is very happy about this as his business is boosted every time the sun shines!

Stephen Vaughan successfully launched his range of BBQ sauces, which he developed for use in the White Rabbit Bar and BBQ on McCurtain St after he graduated from UCC with the Diploma in Speciality Food Production programme.

Stephen was also selected as a supplier of these sauces on the Grow With Aldi programme. Like others on the diploma, Stephen benefitted from the wide range of technical and business topics provided by the course, plus the many opportunities to network with like-minded food entrepreneurs, trainers and support agencies.

Applications are now being taken for the next cycle of this diploma, and substantial funding is available for eligible applicants. The diploma will start on 12 October and will run on a part-time basis until May 2022. It may be necessary to deliver part of the diploma programme using a suite of online delivery tools as a result of Covid restrictions.

To learn more, contact Dr Angela Sheehan, a.sheehan@ucc.ie, or by visit ucc.ie/en/fitu.