Beautify your bathroom

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

Unless you have an Oscar on your cistern, chances are your bathroom is not really a place to linger.

Lockdown increased everyone’s awareness of their home space, particularly the high-traffic areas. The humble loo has been elevated from a relatively mundane, functional space to a playground of opportunity in which to express your style and individuality.

Clinical chrome began to feel soulless, and now one of the hottest home trends is the introduction of interest and colour in the bathroom. Backlit mirrors, wall-hung vanities and large-format tiles are all trending for 2021.

The importance of easy-to-clean surfaces means textiles and ornaments are a no-no in the bathroom, so showcase panache with unique fixtures and fittings.

Vado, a name well-known to trade and décor professionals, feature a portfolio of gorgeous taps and shower fittings with a five star feel and flawless function.

One of their most popular collections is Individual by Vado, to which four new colour combinations have been introduced.

The Knurled X Fusion additions are an exclusive collection of hand-polished two-tone basin mixers and shower valve options, that have been designed to complement the finishes within the Individual by VADO portfolio.

The beautifully designed fixtures add attitude and personality to minimalist design schemes.

The new Knurled X Fusion colour combinations come in black and nickel for a sophisticated aesthetic with a refined and luxurious edge for people who like an architectural design in their bathroom.

Paired with natural materials such as marble tiles and wood accents, they create a warm organic atmosphere and a nice balance of masculine and feminine elements.

Consider the black and gold combination for an opulent feel. Pair these with a neutral colour palette to evoke a luxurious ambiance within a calming, spa-like space.

Add drama with interesting art and towels that can be changed on a whim by mood or season. The key elements by Vado are timeless in style and come with a 15 year guarantee.