NLN offer students lots of supports. Photo: Scott Webb

NLN will support you

Have you recently finished school and want to get a qualification, but you’re not sure about college? If you need extra support to continue with further training and education National Learning Network Cork (NLN) could be the answer.

NLN has over 60 years of experience in assisting people to learn the skills they need to build lasting careers in jobs that reflect their interests and abilities. They are the largest private provider of personalised education, training and employment services in Ireland.

Whatever your circumstances – whether you have an illness, have a mental health issue, learning difficulty or a disability – NLN can help you. Our courses are designed around the needs of each individual student, enabling them to achieve their vocational goals at their own pace.

A comprehensive range of additional supports such as career planning, personal development and social skills, literacy and numeracy classes, psychological and advocacy guidance are also available. Assistive technology is also provided to those who need it.