Water good idea!

Personal fitness

By Cian Minihan

Staying well hydrated is vital for optimal functioning of just about every part of the body, from brain to gut; muscle and everything in between.

Water plays a key role in diet and fitness. People often mistake thirst for hunger and eat mindlessly when a glass of water would be far more beneficial, or don’t hydrate enough before, during and after exercise, resulting in cramps and general exhaustion.

We tend to opt for coffee or an energy drink to get over the mid-morning slump and keep meaning to make water-drinking a habit but never quite get around to it. So why is this so important, and how can you improve your hydration habits?

Importance of regular hydration:

1. Essential for delivery of key nutrients around your body to optimise performance in training, day to day living and to ensure your body maximises all nutritional intake.

2. Helps breakdown fats and improve body composition.

3. Regulates body temperature to ensure you do not overheat. It also reduces internal work of the body to cool itself down during exercise or warm environments.

4. Acts as a lubricant for joints to ensure joint health, correct movement, reduces pain, reduces possible joint deterioration and reduces the possibility of injury.

5. Helps prevent infections and illness.

How can I improve my water intake?

1. Always have a water bottle with you. If it’s in front of you then you won’t neglect it; sipping away will simply become a habit.

2. Set targets to hit each day. Reaching small goals of water intake throughout the day gives you a sense of achievement.

3. I get my clients who struggle with this to download an app called Water Tracker which is completely free and gives you a push notification to log your water intake and reminds you to drink more.

Now that you’re moving more, let hydration be a game-changer this month. For more on this or if you want to level up your lifestyle, body and mindset this October drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram by searching CM Fitness.