Cian of CM Fitness starting the year with a nice bracing trot down the Graham Norton Riverwalk in Bandon.

Starting in January? Make sure you don’t finish in January!

By Cian Minihane

Happy New Year to you all and I hope Christmas was full of fun and you allowed yourself to let loose a little.

We’re now ankle-deep in January, and I’m sure some of you have already hit the ground running (metaphorically or literally), but I want to speak to the person who is just starting out.

First of all, it’s epic to see so many people who want to make a real and lasting positive change to their life in 2022. Today I’d like to try to help you not fall into the trap of throwing in the towel after only a month into this new year.

Over the course of my career, I have seen so many people who start in January and finish in January. Why?

Because they tried to change everything in only the first few weeks of the year, which is too much for anyone to take on. God, I couldn’t do that and I’m the personal trainer!

If you are just starting to focus on health and fitness, you should look at the bigger picture, the whole year. Make a plan for yourself and assess a timeline, decide on some goals and what you actually want to achieve. Now accept that sprinting towards all the goals and all the changes at once isn’t a particularly good idea.

My new clients at CM Fitness have been given one task for January, and I want you to do the same this week. Pinpoint the key area you struggle at the most. Have a good think about it – is it nutrition, workouts, planning or making time for yourself?

Whatever it may be for you, narrow down into that key area. That is what needs your focus fully switched onto it over the first month of the year; not spreading your focus over all different areas.

By doing this, you will see a big difference in adherence to your goal and notice a big switch in your performance in the area you noted that you struggled the most at, which will spinoff to a better performance in all the other areas also. Doing this will reduce the risk of getting overwhelmed, aid towards the end target and most importantly keep you going past January!

Get on this, team. Narrow your focus like a laser to what you truly want to achieve this year and note your biggest weakness or struggle and make that the key point of interest this month to kick off 2022.

If you need more guidance on this drop me a direct message at CM Fitness on social media and let’s make this the last January where you have to start from scratch again.

Cian Minihane is the owner and head coach at CM Fitness And Personal Training.