How to build a timeline for your 2022 lifestyle changes

When starting any project what is the first thing that’s always needed? A plan and timeline, yes?

Transforming your body and improving your lifestyle needs a solid plan, too. Today I want to run you through how to get clear and create the vision you need to achieve the results you want in 2022.

First, we need to not be overwhelmed, so I like to help clients narrow everything down to three distinct headings: health, lifestyle and holidays.

From there, we break each section down into short term, medium term and long-term goals and objectives.

Now, this will probably be different for each individual person, depending on where you are now and where you want to get to.

Follow the system. You will need to be clear on what you want from each section, and realistically decide when you’re going to want it. Personally, I would say short term would be aiming for completion by the end of March, medium term by August and long term by December.

How many Januarys have begun with everyone sharing the aim of ‘Oh, I want to lose a stone’? While yes, that’s a great goal and can go into your short-term health goals, it’s a small play.

How many times have you already done that – but not kept the momentum; kept progressing forward, kept building on it? Are we looking at losing and gaining that same stone again and again, or would you like to make some real progress?

Right now, I want you to challenge yourself and what you expect from yourself in 2022. Don’t fall into old mistakes of playing everything too small – that’s what held you back in 2021.

Let’s not leave that happen in 2022. As I say to my clients: ‘nothing changes, if nothing changes’.

If you feel like you will struggle a bit sitting down and making a schedule for yourself, I have a planner made out for our coaching clients that we filled in together last week to ensure they know exactly where they want to be by year end.

If you feel like this may help you, then pop me a message on Instagram or Facebook at CM Fitness and I can get that planner sent to you to use as a good solid scaffold for you to build your own plans on.