Say hello to Cork College of FET

There’s some changes afoot at Cork Education and Training Board.

Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB) recently announced it is consolidating its further education and training colleges, centres and services into Cork College of FET.

Cork College of FET will have at its core the principle of ensuring that all learners are provided with the opportunities and supports necessary for their personal and educational development and growth, that the options available support the economic development of the region, and that the pathways for learning and development provided by Cork College of FET support a truly lifelong learning experience.

The colleges, centres and services that will fall under the Cork College of FET umbrella are an integral part of the collective education community that is Cork College of FET, sharing the same values and motivations, as they unite to not only provide, but widen the pathways for every learner.

In addition to this, future plans for Cork College of FET incorporate a significant emphasis on the provision of flexible and technology-enabled learning opportunities and a range of new apprenticeships, as well as implementing a ‘green campus’ approach and philosophy across all constituent elements of the college with a focus on embedding sustainable development principles.

The reshaping of Cork’s existing further education and training offering is also a timely event, with the deadline for Higher Education CAO applications fast approaching on 1 February and the CAO FET deadline of 1 July coming down the track. As Cork ETB redefine their FET offering, it serves as a reminder of the many opportunities that can be availed of within any one of their campuses and services.

Denis Leamy, Chief Executive of Cork ETB said: “I would highly encourage those embarking on the daunting process of completing their CAO application to consider any one of the Cork College of FET campuses as a valued and viable choice. The collective prospectus that incorporates each of these fantastic campuses is filled with options – not only for school leavers, but for adults alike – that provide clear pathways to further educational and career-based progression.”

He added: “The decision to create an overarching entity of specialist campuses with the introduction of Cork College of FET has been a long time coming, and we’re so excited about the opportunities it will create. It is a community-focused strategy, meaning the possibilities that can emerge from the development of this new structure will benefit us collectively, as well as on an individual level.

“We are honoured to be a part of the changing educational landscape of Cork and look forward to introducing our future students to life at Cork College of FET.”