Poor sleep will lead to poor results

By Cian Minihane

When making a concerted effort to transform your lifestyle and your body for the better, most of us tend to overlook many key factors in their lives and one of the biggest ones is sleep.

Sleep is one of the key pillars in our coaching programme; so much so that we go through each client’s sleep patterns in detail, because the effects it can have on success, and adherence to lifestyle change is massive.

Poor sleep routines, sleep quality and amount of rest will derail you on your journey and now that we are into February, this is a massive opportunity to create a better routine for you that will stay with you throughout 2022.

Today I want to run through six of the most common reasons I’ve seen with my clients that have affected their sleep, which in turn affected their results, before joining us and working on it.

1. Caffeine before 3pm. Reduce this and cap it at 1.30-2pm.

2. At least 1 hour before bed, turn off all electronic devices.

3. Create a set bedtime and set rise time for weekdays - your body needs routine.

4. Switch off!! If you keep working or doing housework late, then your brain will keep going so have a cap off time and stick to it.

5. A colder room improves sleep quality, too warm a room and your body is working to regulate itself instead of resting.

6. A pre-bed routine is beyond important, give yourself the opportunity to unwind, relax and begin the process of shutting down for a sleep.

Inadequate sleep increases cortisol production, which can cause weight gain and constant low-grade stress. It also makes it much harder to be organised in your approach to life, and when we are always reactive instead of proactive, we tend to make poor choices and have lousy impulse control.

If you are someone who has suffered from poor sleep, feeling unrested no matter how many hours sleep you have then you need to implement these steps now.

Give yourself 6-8 weeks of implementing this before you see and feel big changes in your sleep, and you can thank me after.

If you’d like a more help on this, we had a sleep specialist give an incredible training session on this topic to our own crew and I would be happy to fire this over to you to help – just drop me a line on any of our social media (Facebook Messenger is easy!).