Mags Moore, Deputy Principal, students of the Beaumont Boys School Wellbeing Committee and Fiona Meehan, Principal, as the school was crowned ADHD friendly.

ADHD friendly primary school a first for Cork

Beaumont Boys School has become the first ADHD-friendly primary school in the Cork region, it was recently announced.

The news came as ADHD Ireland has completed a pilot of a new school accreditation programme and is now ready to roll out the programme nationwide.

ADHD Ireland said it was “very pleased” to crown the Beaumont Boys School as the first ADHD-friendly primary school in the Cork region.

ADHD Ireland is the official charity set up to support people living with ADHD in Ireland

Fiona Meehan, Beaumont Boys School Principal said: “We were delighted to get the opportunity! Our main goal is to nourish every student equally, and for us to get the opportunity to extend our knowledge and understanding of ADHD was significant.

“We are all about acceptance and equal opportunities and this programme has gained our confidence in ADHD understanding.”

ADHD Ireland said the recent ceremony at the school was a credit to the dedication of teachers and staff who have done amazing work by committing time to expand their knowledge of ADHD and learn strategies to support their students in the classroom.

The School Accreditation Programme was designed to include teachers, SNAs and parents in the process. The main goal of the project is to provide an understanding of the needs of young people with ADHD and to give practical information. Throughout the school year, the project is delivered via online training delivered by industry professionals from ADHD Ireland and the ADHD Foundation (UK).

In the coming weeks, ADHD Ireland will be presenting flags to more schools, with a vision to see the accreditation flag in every school around the country.

“We know there is a huge gap, and we are here to help support schools in filling the need for understanding their ADHD students,” said Nicola Coss National Service Development Manager ADHD Ireland.