Wine tastings are a great way to see what new wines you might like. Photo: Elle Hughes

Wine-d your lips around these tasty tipples...

Wine tastings are a great way to discovering new wines without having to buy the whole bottle. You don’t have to be a wine expert – your taste palate is the best judge.

I was delighted when I was invited to a Spanish Albarino wine tasting last week in L’Atitude 51 – organised by A Class of Wine on behalf of Rias Baixax, the Spanish Commercial Office.

It was amazing how different wines from the same region and the same grape can taste like – from light and citrusy to fragrant and fruity.

Lynne Coyle presented some beautiful wines from Rias Baixax including one she makes herself – without knowing that it was her own wine, it was my favourite wine and I am hopeful that it will become available soon in Cork.

The unusual fact of Albarine Geal is that it is matured in cement vats – which ensures a neutral maturing with no other flavouring added like it happens with oak barrels. This was a new one for me but apparently, it is an old method in Argentina and Chile where this method has been used for quite some time.

The food was matched with some delicacies from the region as well by Blanca Valencia who won best food podcast in 2021 with Spice Bags Podcast.

Food included some very delicious bonito belly which I have to get my hands on. It was smooth and tasty and it went so well with the wines.

A selection of sardines, mussels and anchovies rounded the fish platter up.

Nothing goes better with wine than cheese and charcuterie and the platter included torta del casar – a lovely cheese made from sheep’s milk. It is on my list of great cheeses to add to a cheese board.

Irish cheeses weren’t forgotten with Ardsallagh and Coolea making an appearance and of course the beautiful Iberico ham that Spain is so famous for – you could have been on holiday in sunny Spain.

The event was also a great opportunity to meet other wine lovers – we have two new spots in McCurtain Street with Nell’s Wine Bar and McCurtain Wine Cellar who joined the tasting.

Even if you love L’Atitude (and who doesn’t?) give these two places a try – it is definitely on my list (just have to drag Mr T to town).

A Class of Wine is a Dublin based wine appreciation company run by Lynda Coogan who has worked in the wine industry for many years. It was great to see that she still has so much passion for the wine industry and made the event special for everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about wine and don’t want to travel to Dublin, Beverly in L’Atitude 51 holds appreciation courses on a regular basis but also check her events out – they are always fun as well as educational.

And the best news: Simone Kelly – one of my food heroes (she ran The Rocket Man with her son Jack for many years successfully) is now cooking in L’Atitude. I am already planning an outing to taste Simone’s food.