Brendan Courtney has designed dog bandanasto support Guide Dog Day.

Nancy Drew inspired

Dog owners, take note. These new designer bandanas for your four legged pals are just the treat they need.

You’d be barking mad not to love these dog bandanas designed by TV presenter and fashion designer Brendan Courtney to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind’s annual national fundraiser, Guide Dog Day which takes place on Friday 27 May.

The bandanas, which are available in four different designs, are an eclectic mix of vibrant colours with inspiration taken from the coat of Brendan’s own dog, Nancy Drew.

The bandanas are available to purchase on the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind website at a cost of €10, plus package and postage. All proceeds go towards helping the charity train dogs to become guide dogs for those who are vision impaired or assistance dogs for the families of children with autism.