Inch Beach in Kerry. Photo: Tommy Kwak

We tend to visit Inch regularly

We spent a lovely weekend in Inch, Co. Kerry. We love the beach there where you can walk almost endlessly and forget everything around you just listening to the waves.

Mr T loves camping and since I love Mr T, we go quite a bit and since I love Inch and Mr T loves me, we tend to visit regularly.

Although we are self-sufficient when it comes to food, Sammy’s directly at the beach does lovely food like chowder, fish, sandwiches and pizza.

Across the road you have the hotel with its Italian restaurant and up the road, just a 10 minute walk away, is Foley’s Bar and Restaurant where you can also have tasty food.

We have been a few times to Foley’s , especially since last year when we all became camping mad. The landlord (and local guests) have their fun with Mr T after each Kerry victory (and let’s face it, there have been a ‘few’ of them) and we have enjoyed their very good fish ’n’ chips a few times.

Tourists and locals seem to love the pub as much as we do, and the chef is much appreciated, unless there’s a match.

Guests were asking for a menu and were told, sorry no food today as the chef is at the match.

It was widely accepted by locals as everyone is just football mad in Kerry and visitors just had to enjoy a bag of Tayto’s.

This time, we arrived on a Friday while a group of American visitors were present. The group had already eaten, the waitress was playing the accordion while the chef was singing (both very talented if I may add) and arriving guests were told that they had to wait as the chef was singing – don’t you just love this?

Dingle is also just a short spin away and a visit is always on my list with shopping done in the Little Cheese Shop, the local market and Murphy’s Ice Cream. And if we don’t like cooking but are hoping for something more formal, the many restaurants make a decision almost impossible.

Out of the Blue is still one of my favourite spots for fish and seafood.

But back to camping. We have a little kitchen unit in the camper van and a pretty good cooler where we keep the food and a bottle of Prosecco (you can’t spend a day on the beach without a few bubbles). We keep the food simple with salads, dips, cheese, crackers and some fresh bread.

With the weather so beautiful last weekend, one doesn’t need anything else.

Breakfast is made of fruit, yogurt and muesli and the evenings are also a light affair with cut vegetables and some hummus. In case you have a fancy camper or caravan (and we have seen some amazing ones) you can cook more elaborate but who wants to spend time inside when the waves and the sun are calling for you.