Adesignatedarea forexercising dogshas been identifiedon Leeside.Photo: Jesper Brouwers

Paw-litical reporting!

Don't release the hounds just yet

While a suitable area to let dogs run off their leash has been found in Cork city, there’s no money to bring it into use.

That’s according to one of City Hall’s top dogs who gave a paw-litical report to Independent Cllr Thomas Moloney on the topic during Monday’s Cork City Council meeting.

David Joyce Director of Services Roads and Environment Operations Directorate confirmed that a suitable designated area for exercising dogs has been identified in the Regional Park in Ballincollig.

He explained: “Following an evaluation of the infrastructure required for such a facility, the cost to enclose this area and provide segregation for large and small dogs is estimated at €95,000.”

“There is no provision in the 2022/23 Parks and Recreation Capital Programme to finance this project at present.

“Should funding be made available in the future, the design and delivery of such a facility will be added to a future programme of works.”