Dr Niamh Shaw, Irish STEM communicator, scientist, engineer and writer, with pupils from Scoil Aiséirí Chríost, Farranree Carly Healy, Sophie Walsh and Charmaine Quilligan and Gráinne O’Reilly of Gas Networks Ireland, when Dr Shaw visited the school for Science Week in association with Gas Networks Ireland. Photo: Adrian O’Herlihy

Children in awe of Dr Shaw

One of Ireland’s leading science communicators was in Cork recently to ignite the curiosities of some lucky school kids.

Award winning STEM communicator, scientist, engineer, and writer Dr Niamh Shaw visited 3rd and 4th class pupils in Scoil Aiséirí Chríost, Farranree last week to tell them all about her adventures.

Most recently, Dr Shaw, who is eager to get to space herself, witnessed a series of astronaut launches from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre including launches for the upcoming Artemis mission to return to the moon

She has also recently sat down to chat about all things space with the much-loved retired astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield.

The workshop was delivered in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland as part of its school engagement activities.

Recently honoured as the recipient of European Space Agency’s ESA Champion award in recognition for her work in education, Dr Shaw said her efforts to get to space are not just about her own journey.

“It’s also about sharing my experiences and bringing as many people as I can with me by telling my story. Each time I talk about my quest and all my space adventures so far I take a step closer to being a Communicator-in-Space!” she said.

She continued: “I want people, especially children to dream big. I believe we can be anything we want to be, if we are brave and bold enough to just let that be. Of course, it requires curiosity, passion and tenacity, and not being afraid to fail.”