A dog care centre in Cork offers a special area for small dogs. Photo: Joe Caione

Doggie day care for your 4 legged pal

We all love our dogs but Cork’s newest dog daycare, training centre and wash facility wants to make sure our small dogs stay as safe as possible.

The Spaw, Cork’s successful dog Wash’n’Dry has expanded to include a very special daycare facility in the city’s southside in Togher - Stay’n’Play.

After lots of research, customer surveys, consultations with large facilities in the USA, Australia and Asia, The Spaw Stay’n’Play was opened at the end of summer 2022.

“Our research told us that owners of small dogs didn’t want their dogs mixing and playing with large breeds. It’s similar to your 5 year old child playing football with teenagers, it may be fun but obviously dangerous.

“We decided to arrange both a large indoor and outdoor area exclusively for smallies and they’re absolutely loving it,” said Derek O’Brien, owner of The Spaw.

He continued: “It’s something that was missing in the city, we consider ourselves the specialists for the small dogs. Of course we have almost half an acre left for the big boys and girls to have the best possible day out, their visits are just as important to us.

“Safety is of upmost importance, next to that is ensuring your dog has all the exercise needed as well as leaving mentally enriched after a day of activity at The Spaw.

“We also ensure a very high human to dog ratio to monitor all activity,” added Derek O’Brien.

The Stay’n’Play has a large indoor area for both small and large dogs; it’s heated with soft floor areas, lots of comfy beds for nap time, agility equipment, bubble machines, ball pits, tunnels and the latest mental enrichment toys on the market to keep their minds as well as bodies busy.

The Spaw has also imported some of the latest skin and coat care in their Wash’n’Dry facility.

The owner of The Spaw has spent a lot of time in Japan and has introduced skin treatments that are exclusive to The Spaw in Ireland.