The Marina Market is full of great food options.

The Marina Market is a jewel

Last weekend, Mr T and I went for a lovely walk around town (it was biting cold) and we decided to pay the market a visit. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea as the big factory hall was a buzzing place of smiling faces and hungry tummies.

You can find something for every taste from pizza by Oak Fired Pizza to Sushi by Kura and plant-based food by Young Plant Superfood. We choose a falafel wrap by Sultan, gyozo and miso soup by Kura and we were smiling as everyone else around us.

Other stalls were Poulet Vous (fried chicken), Prátaí (the best of Irish potatoes), Sicilian Delights (pasta and paninis), Dinky Donuts, churros, stews, macarons, sweets and so much more.

A Christmas market is also included with jewellery, clothes, candles, soaps and more for the taking to find the perfect Christmas gift.

With such a beloved venue that has grown into what the Marina Market is today, it is sad to see that the market might has to close as the planning department of the city council refused permission to continue the market as a food trading venue. The reasoning was that the infrastructure is insufficient for the traffic created.

Honestly, I couldn’t see an issue with traffic – yes, traffic is busy but it’s across the city and not just the Marina so the argument (in my very humble opinion) shouldn’t be valid. The council also cited concerns about the close location to the Goulding Chemicals Ltd company which could cause health and safety issues.

As much as I understand the concerns, it would also mean that every building around the chemical company should be emptied. It would be such a pity to close down a beautiful space like the Marina Market – it is more than just a market. It has become its own community, a meeting point during the week for colleagues from the buildings around to grab a quick bite to eat during their lunch break and at weekends it has become a destination for families to end up after a walk.

You can bump into people you haven’t seen in a long time and you can linger for a catch up over a nice plate of food or some of the delicious homemade lemonade by Sultan. But it is not only locals who love the market as tourists also add the Marina on their list of places to visit as it is so unique that it makes Cork stand out from other cities in Ireland.

In addition it gives food operators an opportunity to run a business without the hassle of renting premises. The market looked beautiful last Sunday with banners, lights, tables and all the stalls – some of them put a lot of effort into making their space inviting – it would be such a pity if their efforts would have been in vain.

Let’s hope that the council can see the potential this venue has for Cork.