Maggie Molloy, presenter of ‘Cheap Irish Homes,’ which is seeking participants for Season 4 of the show.

Looking for a cheap home?

The producers behind a bargain-hunting property show are looking for people to take part in it.

The first 3 seasons of ‘Cheap Irish Homes’, presented by cheap property guru Maggie Molloy, has won audiences the world over following its airing on RTÉ, with the first 2 seasons subsequently appearing on streaming service Amazon Prime.

The episodes, shot on location around Ireland, follow Maggie as she sets out to find Ireland's cheapest homes, meeting with prospective buyers who are open to acquiring properties that need a bit of work, and fall within surprisingly small budgets.

‘Cheap Irish Homes’ is created by Cork based production company AV3 Media/Cameo Productions.

CEO Michael Lynch said the new season offers great opportunities for house hunters: “There’s a huge appetite for property programmes, but ‘Cheap Irish Homes’ offer audiences something extra because the properties we select are actually affordable so it’s more than just aspirational. Those who take part in the show are always pleasantly surprised at what’s available and we know that season 4 will lead to more successful purchases as Maggie scopes out properties in beautiful parts of Ireland with fantastic potential.”

The callout comes as spinoff show ‘Cheap European Homes’ is set to air on RTÉ 1 this month. The show will follow a similar premise but is shot abroad, showcasing properties in 3 different countries.

Over 6 episodes, Maggie Molloy travels to France, Spain and Portugal in search of affordable and attractive houses for Irish people seeking a new adventure. Maggie also enlists the help of local architects and engineers to help with selecting the properties.

Frederica Pereira is a Lisbon-based architect who consulted on the ‘Cheap European Homes’ episodes set in Portugal.

She said she loved the experience: “I work mostly in renovation, which is my favourite layer of architecture, as in essence you are bringing something back to life. Renovating older homes in keeping with nature and surroundings is very popular in Portugal at the moment. My involvement in ‘Cheap European Homes’ was really enjoyable as I also got to help choose the location of the properties, which were in a small city called Tomar not far from Lisbon. The houses featured on the show are both scenic and good value. It was so interesting to see how we could renovate homes to make them stylish, comfortable and safe.”

Frederica said she loved working with the Irish crew on AV3: “I think we’re very similar, Irish and Portuguese people, we have the same easy, laid back attitude. The whole team was great to work with, it was all very fluid. Maggie and I complemented each other very well too.”

‘Cheap European Homes’ airs on RTÉ 1 tonight, 9 March, at 7pm.

Season 4 of ‘Cheap Irish Homes’ will shortly go into production and AV3 Media/Cameo Production is actively seeking participants. If you are interested in taking part in the new series, send your details to