The teriyaki stir fry with salmon featured bold, vibrant flavours.

A midweek delight

I recently had the pleasure of a much needed midweek catch up with my friend. We headed to the Oriel House Hotel and enjoyed a buzzy atmosphere in the stylish bar and bistro.

The menu had a lot to choose from, and we were warmly welcomed by Abby, who is one of the team members. The wine selections there are great, but most importantly, they have a few options by the glass, which is very important on a school night. The atmosphere was great, and it was, of course, the perfect evening for a catch up.

The meal began with a tantalising array of appetisers, featuring tempura prawns and cajun chicken wings, accompanied by a velvety blue cheese dip. Each bite was a harmonious blend of textures and flavors - the light, crispy batter of the prawns was complemented by the hint of spice in the chicken wings. The creamy blue cheese dip added a luxurious touch, further enhancing the experience. And let's not forget the refreshing side salads, a welcome accompaniment to the savoury starters.

One thing I must also commend is the presentation of the food. As someone who eats with her eyes, I love colour and presentation.

But the true star of the evening was the steak frites. I love to order a steak when I am out. This succulent sirloin, cooked to a flawless medium, exuded tenderness with every bite.

Paired with crispy fries, it was a match made in gastronomic heaven. Opting for the classic garlic butter was a stroke of brilliance, while the addition of a side of pepper sauce elevated the dish to new heights of indulgence.

Each dip of the chip into the savoury, peppery sauce was a moment of pure indulgent bliss. I always struggle with the garlic butter or pepper sauce debate and usually just go with both.

Meanwhile, my dining companion relished the teriyaki stir fry with salmon, a dish bursting with vibrant flavours and wholesome ingredients. Laden with rice and an assortment of crunchy vegetables, it offered a delightful balance of textures and nutrients.

Whether enjoyed as a vegetarian delight or enhanced with succulent chicken, this dish showcases the versatility and creativity of the culinary team. And with an array of side order options available, customisation was effortless, allowing each diner to tailor their meal to perfection.

We are really blessed to have such incredible ingredients available to our chefs, something we should never take for granted.

We had sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble to share for dessert. Again, the selection was lovely, but the traditional fare won our hearts.

The portions of the desserts are generous, and the coffee there is really good! I recommend a flat white after such a hearty meal. Having said that, cocktails would have been amazing, but the midweek meant I decided to be sensible. I have indulged in the cocktails on a previous visit and usually would have these instead of a dessert,

The place was busy, and there seemed to have a few guests having their meal, but also some local diners checking out the new menu. They have something for everyone on the menu, and the team is really lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and will definitely be back.