The last results were announced last night.

Your new city council

The clean up begins in City Hall this morning with the results of 2024’s local elections finishing up last night. 31 councillors were elected across 5 local electorate areas (LEAs) with some new faces coming in and some long standing councillors losing their seats.

Cork City North East

The first count saw Labour Cllr John Maher and Independent Ireland Cllr Ken O’Flynn elected with Cllr O’Flynn getting more than 3,100 votes, far above the 1,984 quota. Joining them on the ninth count was Fine Gael Cllr Joe Kavanagh and a new face for this council, Fianna Fáil’s Margaret McDonnell. On the 11th and final count, Cllr Ted Tynan of the Workers’ Party and Green Party Cllr Oliver Moran were re-elected. Ger Keohane decided not to run in this election, which left his seat open.

Cork City North West

This area had a quota of 1,753 and saw Fine Gael’s Damian Boylan and Fianna Fáil’s Tony Fitzgerald re-elected on count one. Also taking his seat back on the council was Fianna Fáil’s John Sheehan who was elected on the fourth count. Sinn Féin Cllr Kennth Collins was re-elected on the 10th count as was People Before Profit Cllr Brian McCarthy. New comer to the council Sinn Féin’s Michelle Gould was also elected on this count and meant Mick Nugent with Sinn Féin was not re-elected.

Cork City South Central

Re-elected on the first count was Cllr Shane O’Callaghan with Fine Gael. The seventh count saw Cllr Sean Martin of Fianna Fáil re-elected. Also re-elected were the Green’s Dan Boyle, Independent Paudie Dineen and Sinn Féin’s Fiona Kerins on the 10th count. This count also saw a fresh face elected with Pádraig Rice with the Social Democrats elected. Mick Finn (Ind) decided not to contest this election which left his seat open.

Cork City South West

This LEA saw a small shake up. With long serving councillor Derry Canty retiring, his seat was up for grabs in this year’s election. No one was elected until the eighth count which saw Fianna Fáil Cllr Fergal Dennehy re-elected.

The 10th count saw Fine Gael’s Cllr Garret Kelleher and Fianna Fáil Cllr Colm Kelleher re-elected. The 13th count saw Sinn Féin’s Joe Lynch elected, a new face on the council. The 14th count saw all newcomers elected. Another Fianna Fáil candidate, Terry Coleman, was elected. This means there’s three Fianna Fáil councillors representing this area. Also on the 14th count, Labour’s Laura Harmon and Albert Deasy (Ind) were elected. Green Party councillor Colette Finn and Sinn Féin councillor Orla O’Leary lost their seats.

Cork City South East

This LEA saw a small shake up too with Lorna Bogue, who left the Green Party during the last council term, lose her seat. Also losing her seat was long serving councillor with Fine Gael Deirdre Forde.

Fianna Fáil’s Terry Shannon was the first councillor to be re-elected on the eighth count, then Kieran McCarthy (Ind) on the ninth count. The four remaining seats were filled on the 12th count with Fine Gael’s Des Cahill and Fianna Fáil’s Mary Rose Desmond being re-elected. This count saw two new faces elected – Green Party candidate Honore Kamegni and Labour candidate Peter Horgan.