It may be Christmas but there’s no time like the present!

I’ll start in the new year!

By Cian Minihane

Everybody says it! If you’re saying it, at least you recognise you want to make a positive change, which is half the battle. However, in this week’s piece, my last before Christmas, I’d like to challenge you.

‘I’ll start in the new year’ might be just the kind of thinking that’s been holding you back from really reaching your goals.

When it comes to getting in great shape in your body and lifestyle, we often think that we must wait until the time is perfect. We push things out until after certain events.

‘Oh,’ you think, ‘I’ll get my act together after the holiday/birthday/wedding/Christmas’. The truth is that the perfect time you are waiting for simply does not exist. The time to go after your goals is NOW.

There will always be events and occasions – if you use them as excuses you’ll never start.

We must learn how to incorporate these and still push on towards our goals. You might not think it’s possible right now and may be reading this saying ‘ah come on Cian like; it’s Christmas’.

I say that way of thinking may be because you just haven’t managed to get the balance right before now.

However, after helping over 100 people this year drop on average of two stone in body fat in six months while still enjoying their lives and creating the balance they needed, I can say with confidence that it is possible.

Putting off positive changes until a date in the future won’t help you get there. We have touched on some action steps over the last few weeks – you can find them all in the back issues of this paper at if you need a refresher.

Hitting the ground running in January is going to be much easier if you get a plan in place; you can take action right now and still enjoy your Christmas holidays. I’ll help educate you on how to incorporate social occasions, rather than fearing them. Don’t be a cliché with the old ‘new year new me’ thinking – instead, be an action taker now.

At CM Fitness, we have created a Christmas Survival Guide that we’ll send you free. All you need to do is message or Instagram or Facebook Page CM Fitness and we’ll send you the survival guide straight away.

You can do it. We’re here to help!

Cian Minihane is the owner and head coach at CM Fitness And Personal Training.