Time to focus on sustained weight change

By Cian Minihan

We are now well into 2022 and this has always been a period where I usually see people becoming earnest about implementing change, particularly to drop excess body fat and build healthy muscle.

Christmas bills are paid, spring is in the air, and everyone feels that little bit more positive about starting but it’s so easy to be swayed by tons of ads, especially online, offering quick fixes, fad diets and destructive methods that will ultimately leave you worse off then when you started.

We’ve all fallen victim to some kind of nonsense diet in the hopes of rapid results. If you’re serious about sustaining long-term health, I’d like to break it all down into four categories for you to focus on, instead of methods that are self-destructive and unsustainable.

Proper nutrition

Learn how to manage your current lifestyle and the foods you like right now to get you towards your goal is much more sustainable then having multiple shakes or zero carbs.


If you are a poor sleeper or have a poor sleep routine, this is a key point you can get on top of straight away to build on for more energy, focus and mood improvement.

Strength training

Sweating as much as possible in every workout does not mean better results. Work to the right intensity, progressing on resistance training with weights and having a program specific to you and where you are at will have you seeing results far quicker. Plus, you won’t burn out or get injured!


Water or a detox drink? Which do you really think over your lifetime will benefit you more in every single capacity of life? Think we both know the answer, so let’s build up that water intake.

I know it’s so easy to fall into trap of trying a quick fix as you want results now and are sick of how you feel in clothes or how you may feel about you.

But think over the next 30-plus years, is that method really something you can do, constantly ravenous or injured? More importantly, do you really want to live like that? Life is to be lived team, you can do that and still see results. We have clients who completely transform their bodies in their first 90 days while still eating out and drinking. If you want to know how pop me a message @CM Fitness on Facebook or Instagram and let’s have a chat.