A few changes to diet and lifestyle can have an impact. Photo: Jamie Street

2022 was a quiet year of relative frugality!

Usually at this time of year (first article of the New Year) I write about my food heroes of the previous year but I have been very quiet in 2022.

You might have noticed that already if you follow me on any social media platform – not much has happened there. I did travel a bit during the year but food wasn’t my focus.

In January 2022 I lost my appetite – something that hasn’t ever happened before. It might have been a result of Covid I had in December the previous year – I didn’t lose my taste or smell just didn’t want to eat anything at all.

I did write an article in January last year on what appetite actually is (comes from the brain) as I hoped I could figure out what the problem was. I failed at it – as I didn’t eat much food at all in January of last year.

But – and there was a big but – I lost weight and quite quickly to be honest. As I didn’t eat much, hunger reduced as well and even when my appetite returned, I wasn’t able to eat the large portions I normally would consume (I used to be a glutton).

So after a few months, I lost 43 kilo (or 94 pounds or 6.7 stone) – so basically a small person. I had no idea how big I actually was until I lost the weight. The secret to the weight loss was quite easy in the end as I just watched what I was eating, gave up alcohol (to the surprise of many people who know me) and I started walking a lot.

The combination of exercise and a bit of control while eating made it easy in the end to lose all the weight. A funny side effect is that a lot of people don’t recognise me anymore – I bumped into Frances Mitchell of The Good Life Hog the other day and she looked rather blankly at me.

Another thing I noticed is the obsession some people have with my weight and wanting to know if I did some miracle diet or if I took some medication or some other easy way to make it that far. The answer is no – I didn’t take any hunger suppressants (you will feel less hungry after a while). But I was surprised how quick the weight fell off, so this might confuse people a bit.

The first five stone went within five months and I set myself a target and kept at it until I reached it. I have kept the weight off now for more than four months and I am keeping an eye on it now – again something new to me as I never weighed myself before all this happened.

Don’t get me wrong, although I am watching my weight now, I still enjoy my cheese, Taytos and other delicious things and we still go out for dinner etc. but I will be a ‘good girl’ the day after.

So far, it works. I feel better, exercise is now a joy rather than a chore, my breathing has improved and I can wear lovely clothes again. Wishing you all a wonderful 2023.